How Much Is a Limo Rental In Los Angeles?

how much is a limousine rental in los angeles

January 17, 2024

Quick Answer:

Los Angeles limousine prices can vary based on the vehicle, number of people, time, and more. Limousine rentals around Los Angeles will cost around $175-$250 per hour with a 3-4 hour minimum. The majority of limousine rentals will cost upwards of $600 at a minimum and between $800-$1,000 on average. Longer limousine rentals and larger, luxurious limousines will cost more than a standard limo rental.

Limo Rentals from LA Ground Breakers

LA Ground Breakers uses high-quality drivers that are experienced in chauffeur services. In addition, we will connect you with updated limousines that are perfect for any party, event, or night out. Our pricing for limousines starts at $175/hour and pricing for Sprinter van rentals starts at $175/hour. Our prices for party buses start at $199/hour. Pricing increases depending on the vehicle you need.

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Here are two reasons to book LA Ground Breakers for corporate transportation in Los Angeles:

Based on typical limo rental costs in Los Angeles, here are some estimated price ranges:

All prices are based on limousine rentals and a limousine driver. Most limousine companies have a minimum of 4 hours for rentals, but some may be slightly less expensive. Certain types of limousines are more expensive, and you can pay less for some of these rates for older limousines.

  • For a 6-passenger limo rental, it will cost about $650-$850 total and $175-$225 per hour.
  • For a 10-passenger limo, it will cost about $800-$1,000 total and $200-$250 per hour.
  • For a 14-passenger limo, it will cost about $800-$1,300 total and $200-$250 per hour.
  • For a 20-passenger party bus, it will cost about $1,000-$1,500 and $225-$300 per hour.
  • For a corporate event needing a 30-passenger limo bus, it will cost about $350-$400 per hour.

Prices depend on the exact vehicle, duration, and extras added like drinks or red carpet service. But these ranges give an idea of standard limo costs for common Los Angeles events and group sizes. Expect to pay more for specialty vehicles or during peak times like prom season. Discuss details with limo companies to get accurate price quotes for your event.

Certain events like Wedding days and Prom can be slightly more expensive. In addition, peak times like New Years may lead to additional costs. Some limousine companies offer less expensive limousines, but generally, they are older or smaller than newer variations.

Factors That Impact Los Angeles Limousine Prices

Considering these cost factors will help estimate the total limo rental price for events in LA. Avoid surprises by asking companies to outline all fees upfront.

Here are some key factors that can impact limousine rental prices in Los Angeles:

Vehicle size – Larger limos and buses cost more than standard sedans or SUVs. The number of passengers needed should be considered.

Rental duration – Most companies have minimum hourly requirements, such as a 3-hour minimum. Longer rentals are more expensive overall.

Time of year – Prices are often higher for popular seasons like prom, weddings, and holidays when demand is very high.

Peak hours – Evening and weekend rates are usually higher than daytime rentals due to demand. Friday and Saturday nights see premium pricing.

Type of event – Rates may increase for occasions like bachelor/bachelorette parties where additional cleaning or insurance fees apply.

Extra services – Add-ons like red carpet arrival, drinks, photos, and decorations add to the overall rental cost.

Company/fleet – Some companies have more expensive luxury vehicle fleets, driving up prices. Airport transfers usually cost more too.

Gratuity – Most limo prices don’t include the expected 15-20% tip for the chauffeur.

Location – Prices tend to be higher for transfers to/from elite areas like Malibu or Beverly Hills.

Understanding Peak Pricing

Limo rental prices in Los Angeles can fluctuate based on seasonal demand throughout the year. During peak times, rates often increase due to high request volume.

Prom season, holidays like New Years Eve, and summer weekends tend to be the most expensive times to rent a limo. For prom, prices for a Saturday night 6-hour rental may rise 25-50% above regular weekend rates. The weeks leading up to major holidays also come with surcharges, potentially doubling regular fares on NYE itself. Fridays and Saturdays in peak summer months carry premium pricing as well.

If possible, aim to book limo rentals for Los Angeles events during non-peak times to take advantage of lower rates. Periods like January through March and September through November generally have better availability and pricing.

Tips for Booking Limo Rentals in LA

Follow these tips when booking a limousine rental in Los Angeles to maximize value:

  • Book early – Reserve your rental at least 2-3 months in advance for the best selection and lowest rates. Last-minute bookings will come with premium pricing.
  • Inquire about discounts – Ask about potential discounts for weekday rentals, off-peak hours, or multi-hour packages. Some companies offer loyalty rewards programs as well.
  • Avoid hidden fees – Request full pricing details upfront to prevent surprise charges. Common add-ons are gratuity, insurance fees, beverage/media packages, and surcharges during peak times.
  • Compare companies – Get quotes from 3-4 providers to find the best deal for your specific rental. Vet safety records, insurance coverage, and reviews.
  • Outline details – Be specific on the number of passengers, rental duration, vehicle type, and any special needs to get an accurate price estimate.

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LA Ground Breakers offers limo rentals, chauffeur services, wedding transportation, sprinter rentals, prom transportation, black car services, corporate shuttle services, and more. If you need luxury transportation around Los Angeles, LA Ground Breakers is the partner you can trust for the most reliable and highest-quality transportation services around LA.

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